Coffee - How Does It Make You Feel?

Wayside Mission

The Following is a list of received MailArt ...

THE VERY FIRST SUBMISSION,,,  1.  The Simon Warren Journal Project - UK

ANOTHER ENTRY RECEIVED!!!    2.  Daniel C. Boyer - Houghton, Missouri  USA


ANOTHER ENTRY RECEIVED!!!    3-10.  Bright Family - Houston, Texas  USA


The Bright family made this a family project and have contributed 8 postcards to the show.  Thanks so much!!!  Glad to see artists of all ages enjoying creating MailArt!

4513159348.jpg 4513159350.jpg 4513159355.jpg 4513159358.jpg 4513238604.jpg

11-15.  C. Lou - Louisville, KY USA  (NOT PICTURED HERE)  This is so much fun that I had to send in some postcards for the project too!  Hope everyone can mail one or more  postcards for this event!!!  Thanks!!!  C. Lou

16.  Michel Della-Vedova - Limoges, France


Wow!  Another international contribution!  And the first collage - Love it!!!

4513299927.jpg 4513375495.jpg

17.  Anne Braunschweig - Corrales, New Mexico USA


Ahhhh, this MailArt postcard is good the last drop!


18.  Fabrice Fosee - Gertrude, France


Hot Coffee!

19.  "Coffee makes me ready to love the world" - Roxanne Clark from Louisville, Kentucky USA

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Love the titles!


20.  "POW!  Here's what I've been missing!"   - Roxanne Clark from Louisville, Kentucky USA

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21 & 22.  D. Charmot - Marnax, France

Drawing using instant Coffee.  Very cool!!!


23 & 24.  S. Morsey - Gainesville, Florida USA

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"In the Pink"  AND "Nirvana Yummm"


Very powerful use of color and lines! cool!

4513435388.jpg 4513435390.jpg

25-29.  L. Capp - Ft. Worth, Texas USA


Even the Ranger's mascot wants to know! :)


Cool artwork!!!

4513435399.jpg 4513435436.jpg