Coffee - How Does It Make You Feel?

Wayside Mission

The Following is a list of received MailArt ...(continued)

73.  C. Goodrich - Columbus, Nebraska


"Enigmatic"  (aka mysterious, unknowable, inscrutable, unfathomable = cool!)



The other side of the card >>>>>

4514669084_287x231.jpg 4514669086_202x175.jpg 4514669093_345x228.jpg 4514669095_338x228.jpg 4514669097_329x228.jpg 4514669098_344x228.jpg

74-76.  Fabio Sassi - Bologna, Italy  


The three above mailart pieces came in the very interestingly stamped envelope!  wow!  These are so very cool!  Fabio writes...  "Coffee makes me feel Different!"  "Coffee makes me feel Elastic!"  and "Coffee makes me feel Free!"


Visit more of his mailart on the previous Recved page on this website or on .

4514766965_169x126.jpg 4514766967_255x168.jpg 4514766970_216x161.jpg 4514766975_255x168.jpg 4514766978_245x162.jpg 4514766982_251x168.jpg 4514766985_175x273.jpg 4514766986_224x171.jpg 4514766987_183x275.jpg 4514766990_179x269.jpg

77-86.  caOwens - Nebraska, USA     TITLES:  Magic Beans, Feel Like Soaring, Like Drinking the Aroma, Entering another Dimension, Getting the Buzz, Best Part of the Daily Grind, Coffee-The morning starts when it's ready, Like a Human, Like Dancing, Confession:  I'd Rather have Coffee

4514767201_354x246.jpg 4514766992_390x243.jpg

87.  Cohen - Osaka, Japan

Brain Cell Fractal

"...  I can create art, in a way that extends beyond myself as an individual, in communication with infinite mail artists' ideas." cool!!!

87.  Pippy - Melin, Belgium

Envie d'un bon expresso chez moi?

4514767031_184x270.jpg 4514767027_192x271.jpg

88-89.  XYB - Lille, France

From the Experimental Love project.  Great stamps and artwork!!!

4514795361_288x210.jpg 4514795362_277x204.jpg

90-91.  Eric Hill - Chicago, Iliinois, USA



Ahhh, eye see!