Coffee - How Does It Make You Feel?

Wayside Mission

The Following is a list of received MailArt ...(continued)

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#135.  Dorian Ribas Marinho - Florianopolis, Brazil


Ahhh the source of all coffee...

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#137.  Tatyana - Tatarstan, Russia

Another cool collage!

#136.  C. Brooks - Peoria, Illinois USA - Cubs Game!


#138.  Farley - San Francisco, California USA

Neat interactive postcard with strings - twirl for a fun effect.  COOL!


#139.  Capuano - Ragusa, Sicily


#140-143.  K Magee -

Little Rock, Arkansas


Dive into some coffee(my favorite)


Sweet & Delicious Wishes


Happy Everything(shown on home page index)

Gallery B, Little Rock, AR

(501) 661-0005  

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#144-147.  Sorokina - Tatarstan, Russia

More beautiful cards!  I really like the coffee in the eye and the dancers.  Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!


#148.  Rivero - Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela


How Does Coffee Make You Feel?


#149.  Tatyana - Tatarstan, Russia


Another very cool collage - sewn together.  Cool!

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#150.  Dreamgirls - Illinios


"Here's Your Coffee Baby" - tribute to the film Dreamgirls