Coffee - How Does It Make You Feel?

Wayside Mission

The Following is a list of received MailArt ...(continued)

151.  Escarre - Maracay, Aragua, Venezula



Great colors!

4515399851.jpg 4515475375.jpg

152-154.  Giovanni Stra DA DA Ravenna

Bologna, Iltay

More cool work!

4515475377.jpg 4515475380.jpg

155-156.  Kunst Carlo Herpoel - Heule, Belgium

Love this type of collage work!!!


157.  Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas - Brazil

Lots of movement!


158.  Shmuel The Pheul - Brattleboro, Vermont

A religious experience in coffee!


159.  Amy Dietz - Sacramento, California



160. Angel Bortot - Merida, Venezuela


"Neo Colourfully"

Series:  "NeoB.Es"

Sub series: "BioAlias"


Beautiful colors

using digital media!

4515644180.jpg 4515644182.jpg 4515644185.jpg

161. Guido Capuano - Sicily, Italy



162. Shimanovsky Valery - Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan, Russia

[to the website viewers this picture of this postcard does not do it justice - it is such a cool piece of art!!!]


"Coffee My Love"


165. Danielle Verte -  Brussels, Belgium



163. Brian Celler -

Budapest, Hungary


c/o Mailart Pest University


"Coffee  - It Can't Be Mailed"

164. Marjie - Louisville, Kentucky USA

"I Feel Fine.  Yes!"