Coffee - How Does It Make You Feel?

Wayside Mission

The Following is a list of received MailArt ...(continued)

166.  SpikeArt (Spike Frederick) - Prospect, Kentucky USA

Spike Frederick "Portraits" was displayed on April 1-30, 2002 at Day's Espresso and Coffee Bar - Cool image!


"American Coffic"

4515644191.jpg 4515644190.jpg 4515644193.jpg 4515644192.jpg

167. Lisa Lentini - Kilmer, New jersy USA



168. Lauri Jean Crowe - Pinckney, Michigan USA



168. ArtChick - Ridgewood, New Jersey USA


"When U Socialize Sober"


"A Universal Love Affair. Drink Your Coffee Responsibly.

169. C.A. Magee - Louisville, Kentucky





Officially my favorite postcard of the entire show!


(Very cool punched letters/address)

4516777114.jpg 4516777119.jpg