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Wayside Mission

See some mailart you enjoy on this website?  If so, please email here or visit during one of the exhibit dates below to learn about how a minimum $10 donation each to the Wayside Christian Mission can get you some cool art!



   January & February 2007 Jeffersontown Library Foyer Exhibit Space, 10635                 Watterson Trail, Jeffersontown, Kentucky USA

   March 2007 at Day's Esspresso & Coffee House, 1420 Bardstown Road,

              Louisville, Kentucky USA

   April 6th, 2007 5:30 to 9pm

   April 21st, 2007 during Thunder Over Louisville  at  Expressions Gallery at    

              the corner of Market and Shelby Streets, Louisville, Kentucky USA


PROCEEDS:  All proceeds for the sale for each postcard will go to the Wayside Christian Mission.  




For more information about the mission please visit



Below are some facts about the mission that can be found on their website under the FQA page:



Q: What is the official statement of goals? If there is more than one, identify the differences in the groups' orientation to the problem?


A: Wayside Christian Mission's Mission Statement is as



"The purpose of the Wayside Christian Mission is to respond to human need of the poor and homeless by (1) providing temporary housing/shelter, food, clothing, nurturing, spiritual and social enrichment, encouragement and referrals (2) and by providing the support services and skills that would permit and encourage a return to a state of self-sufficiency so that human dignity can be restored and the love of God can be shared."



Q: To date, what proportion of the target population has the program reached, and what services have they received?


A: Wayside's programs reach over 7,000 homeless and needy persons annually. We provide shelter, food, clothing, recovery education, spiritual enrichment, job training, GED and adult literacy education, computer training, case management and other support services, in addition to brokering services in the community.



Q: What are the major regulatory groups which influence and control the program's activities? Which activities are most constrained by the influence of these groups?


A: Wayside is monitored by The Coalition for the Homeless, which is guided by Metro government to some extent. They particularly monitor local shelters to ensure safe, clean facilities. Other than that, our most constrainment comes from our commitment to a good neighbor policy with the surrounding businesses. They particularly try to limit any expansion in the area.



If you are interested in donating money, clothing, building materials, etc to the Wayside Christian Mission or live in the area (Louisville, Kentucky) and would like to volunteer, please visit

or call Wayside Christian Mission's direct number (502) 584-3711 or email [email protected]


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